Snowflakes And Talisman (Poem)


Snowflakes And Talisman (Poem)

Foolhardy natives

So restless and forelorn.

Struggling to grasp

for anything, they mourn.

Twisting and bound

In the Gordian Knot.

Longing for a talisman

To ward off the onslaught.

States they flamed red,

And washed out the blue.

Erasing a legacy,

Where truisms weren’t true.

Fear and uncertainty

Now tangling their gut.

They clutch for something,

To dislodge from the rut.

Hoping for life to drift

Back to utopian bliss.

What happened? they shout.

The vote was amiss!

Emotions, aflame.

Blazing through the street.

Oh, where is my talisman?

They yell and beat feet.

Hoping they will wake up

From what they believe is a dream.

They hiss and they howl,

Spewing hatred, they scream.

I live with a soldier.

He was  willing to fight.

For our freedoms, our rights – ready day or night.

The American flag,

A symbol for our nation.

But for the wretched and writhing,

They feel it is a blemish to their station.

Whatever that is,

For they appear to not know.

But maybe for them its a selfie,

At least something to show.

I hand you your talisman,

Instead of our flag.

You deserve things quite shallow,

For which you can brag.

May new leaders arise,

Who remember before.

And fight for our freedom

The things that are true to our core.

~ God Bless!  L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

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