Beautiful Fall Days At HiBar Ranch


Well it’s that time of year again in the Adirondack High Peaks – fall’s colors are beginning to emerge.  There is truly no place more lovely than the Adirondacks in fall.  Here are a few photos I have taken over the last few days to capture the beauty of our ranch.  This place never ceases to amaze me.  This morning over coffee at the back of the property, (the one time I didn’t have my camera) my favorite bald eagle was hunting directly across from my special serenity bench.  I sat down and he swooped down towards me, dropping from a tree about thirty feet away, swung low over the river and then continued on up through the river valley to his nest.  This was is the second time I have seen him that close.  The first was him hunting during winter right there and pulling up a fish out of the water.  This morning he literally flew even closer toward me then just turned and went up the valley.  I’ve always called him my healer – as I’ve watched him while I recovered from serious brain inury a while back.  He taught me to wait and be patient and to allow myself to heal.  I would force myself to wait for him to fly by and practice relaxation and resting my mind.  He would always show up, each day, sooner or later and fly over the ranch as if knowing I was waiting.  He taught me how to see in a different way and be patient in my own healing.  This morning he literally flew directly to me so close I could have thrown a bread crumb for him to eat.  He knew I had sat down on the bench because he could see me walking all the way from the house to the back of the property from his perch.  Then when I sat down, he flew towards me as if to say hello friend.  This land is blessed that way…and I too am blessed to be part of such things.  Then, with his majestic wing span and white head and tail he floated through the valley as effortlessly as a leaf on the wind.  Yes, that is this ranch.  Never a day goes by when something so lovely – by organic design – like this morning doesn’t happen.  This place has taught me to be awake, be present, be silent — so I can witness divine beauty – nature’s greatest gift.

I was humbled and in awe yet again this morning.

Alas, the photos —


A Shot of The Bald Eagle I Took A Few Days Ago Flying Over The Ranch


Fog Rising Over The River During Sunrise


Fog Laden River Valley


Where I Drink My Morning Coffee During Sunrise


Fog Rising

Sunset Reflecting Deep Purples on Whiteface (No Filter was used on this pic)


No Filter!  — Crazy Beautiful Purples Caused By Sunsetting On Other Side Of Range Reflecting Off Of Clouds Around Whiteface Mountain


Full Moon Rising Over Whiteface Mountain


Clear Morning Sunrise When There Isn’t Fog


Whiteface Mountain


Peace Resides Here


Farm Life


Our Special Place




Room With A View

Have a great week everyone and may everyone be so lucky to live close to the land!

~ L. Davis


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