Barefoot Childhood Long Gone (Poetry)


Barefoot Childhood Long Gone (Poetry)

Long gone are the days of shoelessness,

barefooted child running until dusk.

Badmitten in the back yard,

Chickens and qwacking geese.

Horse whinnying, it’s dinner time, yells mom.

Long gone are the days of peacefulness,

When I’d clammer up the fence post to my horse.

He’d breath on me, assessing my scented whereabouts.

I’d rest my head in his mane.

That was peace.

Long gone are the days of frolicking.

Swinging in hammocks between two deck trees.

Sun filtering green light beams, trees serving as my canopy.

Green patterned leaves with baby blues as my canvas.

Swinging for hours I’d look up at veined green tapestry.

Tree arms bending and bowing in the breeze.

Me, always pondering the majesty of it all.

Always aware of nature’s sililoquy, a vast galaxy serving as backdrop to a fall day’s leaf drifting toward my belly.

I’d drift in thought towards humans, perplexed by their torturous ways.

Vexed are mortals wrapped in talisman, hoping for peace to come.

Super search to richdom cometh, mortals always grasping for more.

Hubris of mere mortals, unregenerate, like a languid autumn breeze.

Funny how souls travel soulless I’d think, while young and even more so while older.

I’d learn these lessons through life, most pronounced however during hammock swings.

Nature’s story.  Nature’s time. Nature’s space.

My childhood.

Green leaves shedding like seasons.

Tree arms bowing, looking on.

I, always the child, looking too.

Wondering where meaning has taken us.

Pondering the lost souls always searching,

All while the autumn leaf drifts towards my belly as I swing.

These are things of meaning.

These are the truisms of life.

Seasonal change, falling of leaves, passing of time.


Deep, in my soul is life.

And, deep in my life is soul.

Nature.  Becometh me.

Human systems, defile me.

Yes, these are the truisms of life.

Yet another leaf, falling toward my belly.

I smile.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer





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