Einstein’s Quest (Poem)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.52.59 PM

Mandelbrot Fractal (by Freidrich Saurer)

This is a  poem I wrote in 2010 having left the national laboratory complex and was working in DC.  I spent much time with Lester Brown His Amazing Background , a dear friend, walking the streets of DC late at night, discussing the universe.  I’ve always loved complexity and have studied Einstein much. I’ve loved two complex scalable systems: Mandelbrot fractals and the fibonacci sequence – two of the most divine designs in the universe.  I’ve also deeply studied genius and interviewed many on how they ‘process’ their ideas.  What I have found is a 100% pattern of ‘pre-cognitive function’ in their path to knowing.  Even trance like state could be accurate.  Einstein had this, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson and others did as well.  You can see it in their word patterns – they are ‘in the flow’ when genius breaks out.  Here is a poem I wrote on genius, the reality of complexity in today’s practical terms and the truth about most science.

Einstein’s Quest (Poem)

Einstein struggled.  So he said.

Lambda was the clue.

The size of the universe he mastered,

In a formula.

But, for a period he deeply questioned his own formula,

….later removing lambda from his own equation.

He felt this was his greatest error.

But, his unconscious spoke,

He wrote it.

Apologizing later, upon removing the lambda symbol from the equation,

He beckoned logic, from Einstein’s own cognitive rational.

Over fifty years later after his deepest apology,

In 2000 I believe it was,

Scientists found that their measurements

Of the size of the universe

Were wrong.

Upon re-insertion of the lambda symbol into Einstein’s equation that he himself had removed,

His original formula was re-instated.

Low and behold, the size of the universe was correct!!

Einstein said that his greatest struggle was that words did not yet exist

To articulate his knowing.

And, he said that his knowing was unbeknownst to him.

His cognition was surmounted by his ‘pre’knowing,

His inspiration to pen on paper.

They revealed themselves.

They, being emergent thought,

Before words.

Is it so that brilliance lives on the other side of cognition?

Is it possible that like Einstein,

Pre-cognition and brilliance is a pre-entrant to knowing,

And, therefore unheard?

We ponder complexity of the evolving natural world.

We simultaneously struggle with the constructs we have captured,

To create security.

We attempt to encapsulate all that could be,

Into one moment.

We lock it in,

So civilization can ‘know’ and somehow ‘exist’ in a ‘static’ state,

For harmony.

Nature is dynamic.

I know this to be so.

Lester beats to the drum of change all around.

We walk the cobblestone steets of DC together,


Night and day, it’s the same.

Like Dr. Rees, he sees that in the midst of change,

Humans grasp for solidarity.

Humans beg to co-depend.

Lock In.

Dale said all men are sheep begging for a shepherd.

Howard said the changes ahead will be tough.

Lester says, “Lori, we must hurry, time is short.”

Mike encourages, “you are not alone.  We are all in this together.”

On civil rights, diplomatic relations and now our planet,

Stan states, “if not now, then when?”

could his track record and timing be more accurate?

I think not.

His legacy is too complete.

I struggle.

I live with elders great.

I have studied and pondered the great chasm of change,

Where the future confronts the present in the wisp of a nano-second.

I don’t think us humans really get space/time.

I don’t think we get that in a period of time, the rate of change in the ‘space’

Renders all hypotheses obsolete,

In a moment.

The entire formula, sequence and factors have changed.

I think science is dead as we know it.

Rate, scale, proportion, factors, variables,

All have scaled in complexity.

What minds can handle such mass and context?

I say positive words to people living,

For in Fibonacci there is solace.

But, a deep part of me knows – it’s too big,

The factors too great.

Complexity, the unordered while somehow so very ordered universe

Beat us.

All while our mathmaticians try to quantify their silos

In a model.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.56.53 PM

The Fibonacci Sequence Found In Many Systems In The Universe (A Divine Design)

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.58.35 PM

The Fibonacci Sequence In Nature (just one of millions of examples)



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