Blackbird And The Watch Tower (Poem)

I love writing poetry.  When I was in a cast for broken bones and couldn’t move for a very long time I took the lyrics of seven very famous songs and wove them into my own interpretation.  It’s a story of society’s moral decay, sin, and the ultimate flight to freedom leaving the broken behind after the gut wrenching effort to help ‘fix’ them.  This pained effort and ultimate departure from ones you love feels like death and is indeed death in many ways…. you’ll find this poem interesting and strangely and deeply powerful.

Here are the lyrical cuts:

  • Don McLeanAmerican Pie and Starry Night
  • John DenverAnnie’s Song and Back Home Again
  • Leanard CohenSuzanne
  • Gordon LighfootThe First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (Was an anonymous Scottish poet that originated it)
  • Lennon/McCartneyBlackbird

Blackbird And The Watch Tower

Jesus was a sailor and walked upon the water.

He spent a long time watching

From his lonely wooden tower.

And when he knew for certain

Only drowning men would see him,

He said, “All men will be sailors then,

Until the sea will free them.”


“Listen old man,” the sailors replied.

“We don’t need you now,

We won’t even try.

We’re good ol’ boys,

We can topple your power.

So, bye bye watcher,

And so long tower.”

“You are the lonely watcher,

Always looking for a sign.

We are all here drinking,

Drinking our whiskey and our wine.

This won’t be the day we die.

Right boys?

This won’t be the day that we die!!”


The child in the ally — she listened to their story,

As the drunken sailors stumbled,

Heading to the tower.

“Jesus now I understand what you tried to say to me.

How you suffered for their sanity,

How you tried to set them free.”


He answered softly…in reply.

“Before they would not listen child.

They did not know how.

But, perhaps if we help them…they will listen now.”


As the child skirted by,

In the streets the children cried.

The lovers and the poets sighed.

But, not a word was spoken,

For the church bells were all broken.


She stopped and felt the changing air,

As she stood there in despair.

The child aged from the sight

And pressed the question of the night.

“It appears they would not listen Lord.

It seems they are not listening still.”

He answered back after pregnant pause,

“Perhaps they never will….”


While the child watched in wonder,

And the sailors slipped in blunder;

The three men we admire most,

The father, son and the Holy Ghost,

They caught the last train to the coast,

The day the music died.


Some years later there was a lady (of the harbor)

Wearing rags and feathers.

She showed the brawling sailors,

Where and when to look.

Amongst the garbage and the flowers,

There were heroes in the seaweed.

There were children in the morning,

They would lean that way forever,

As she held the mirror to them.

A boy was one quite inquisitive.

He watched the lady constantly.

“They love you so, you quench their thirst,

But they are never satisfied.”

The lady answered softy in reply,

“Before they would not listen child.

They did not know how.

But perhaps if we help them,

They will listen now.”


Oh, the sailors how they lusted,

For nights in her caress.

With night dreams vanishing purposefully,

Always waking blind.

She touched their imperfect bodies,

With her perfect mind.


The lady in twilight, battered and worn,

said to the watcher now tattered and torn,

“Lord, they are not listening still,

Perhaps they never will.”


February made the sailors shiver.

The news of storms that would deliver

Bad news at the doorstep.

They couldn’t take one more step.


The lady of the harbor,

The master at her side.

They watched from the tower,

As all the sailors cried.

Wondering about their widowed bride.

But something touched them deep inside.

The day the music died.


The sailors all were broken,

Long before the sky would open.

And they sank beneath her wisdom

Like a stone.


The final chapter defined them all.

Landing very few in hero’s hall.

Balancing valor and the test of time.

Measured by God’s love sublime.

the journey for all is somehow repeat.

The travesty of learning now complete.


With the master at her side,

The lady spoke once more.

Reconciling her future,

With all that came before.

“The storms are rolling in,

And fate is coming true.

I have several questions,

I wish to ask a few.”


“May I lay down beside you?

I want to always be with you.

May I drowned out the sorrow?

Let me die in your arms.”


With aching bones and deep respite,

He knew once he spoke she’d vanish from sight.


“Oh, Blackbird!!!

You’ve been singing in the dead of night.

Please take your broken wings and learn to fly.

All your life,

You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Fly blackbird fly.

Into the light of the dark black night.”


He spent a long time watching,

From his lonely wooden tower.

And when he knew for certain,

She could no longer see him,

He said, “My lover is a blackbird then,

And finely I could free her.”

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfamer

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 10.39.13 PM

Fly Blackbird Fly Into The Light of The Dark Black Night






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