Marionberry Jam Making Today!

Well, as an Oregonian I am thrilled to have Marionberries on our farm here in East TN.

Found in profusion along Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the berries mature in July.   The Marionberry was created as a hybrid of the small highly-flavorful Chehalem Berry and the fatter and faster-growing Ollalie Berry.  It was developed in 1956, at OSU’s Agricultural Research and Development Program in Corvallis.

Oregon is known as the Berry Capital of the World though many Oregonians are unaware of this because of the state’s uniquely favorable climate of long, wet spring and early summer, hot days but cool nights.  While blackberries are grown all over the US it’s not quite so the Marionberry. Over 90 percent of all the world’s Marionberries are cultivated and harvested near Salem, Oregon.  There’s a bit of a cult following among berry aficionados, the marionberry is prized for its trademark sweetness but lingering tartness.

As a child I remember eating marionberries all the time and loving them; purple fingers stained from hand picking.  Those were some of the wonders of growing up in Oregon, where a child could literally pick fruit off trees and bushes and never be without during the summer season.  That was my childhood; barefoot, bareback on my horse, eating berries, apples, cherries and pears, and chewing on grass stalks living mostly outdoors.  Such are the memories marionberries conjure up.

Here is the recipe I will be following today:
Homemade Marionberry Jam #recipe #gift #preserving #labels

Homemade Marionberry Freezer Jam

Recipe by Lisa Pearson

• 6 cups (heaping) of berries – Any kind you like and can be frozen. Just unthaw before you make the jam
• 1 1/2-2 cups sugar – if you like sugary jam, go ahead and make it 2 cups
• 6 TB instant Clear Gel- 1 TB per cup of berries {available through King Arthur Flour}
• 1 TB pure lemon juice
• 4 (8 oz) half pint *freezer safe* mason jars or 6 (8oz) mini mason jars

• Place berries in a large bowl or pot and mash away with a potato masher.
• Mix sugar and clear gel together.
• Add sugar mix to berries and lemon juice…stir with a wooden spoon until the sugar has dissolved.
• Let sit for about 15 minutes.
• Take 1-2 cups (depending on the mason jar you use) and scoop into the jars, seal and freeze.

Homemade Marionberry Jam #recipe #freezerjam #gift #tags

Very excited!

~ L. Davis


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