An Omen – Today At Our Farm

I have been around animals all my life.

Today I had the the most amazing experience I’ve never once had.  Not once.  Ever.

I was walking on my porch and a beautiful little blue and green bird was just standing there looking at me.

I walked closer.  It turned its head and looked at me.

I walked even closer.  It never moved.

I was worried it was injured.  I reached down.  It let me pick it up.  I rubbed it’s head and spoke to it.  It just looked at me.

I went into the house to show Chloe, our daughter, thinking it was sick and it could not fly.

We plotted a “get a box with straw and bird seed.’

As I headed out of her room the bird simply flew out of my hands, completely able to fly.  And, of all the places she could choose to fly in my entire home, she chose to fly and perch here, right in front of this painting where she stayed … just looking at it.


I took two pictures of the beautiful bird.  The second picture (below) is what so fascinates me.  This painting I have had since I was 19.  I always loved it and never knew why.  Some art is that way – It tells you more about yourself than you even know.  I know now, years later, the woman in the painting is a shepherdess – one who herds, guards and tends sheep.  I never knew that back then.  At 19 I also never knew I’d one day have a farm and raise sheep and goats.  I never knew at 19 that I along with my livestock guardian dog would watch and protect my babies (goats and sheep).  Back then I never knew I’d want to be a vet later in life,instead leaning towards global marketing and the whiz bang roller coaster of the emerging tech sector and all the money and flight miles one could ever imagine accruing; and spending 25 years doing that and doing it well and probably too well.  Career success can be a terrible distractor to living your true calling.  No, I knew none of these things at 19.  I also just realized, she is holding a medicinal.  Wow.  I had never seen that before.  In fact, she is holding lamb’s quarters, known as a ‘purifier’ of the soil.  Ancient people revered it. English writer Audrey Wynne Hatfield in How to Enjoy Your Weeds says that lambsquarters were “once the most valued vegetable for human beings and fodder for their animals…”Hatfield adds that in Britain, “We find this plant … growing … in the Late-glacial and the Post-glacial periods. It was in the accustomed diet of the Neolithic, Bronze Age and early Iron Age people; and … was much used by the Romans and later diners.”

So, here I am at 47, older and wiser.  I still love this painting.  It is in fact, the essence of me and who I’ve become.  She is a peaceful, silent shepherdess, barefoot, protecting her flock but momentarily looking back at the rest of life she left behind.  As well, she is a medicinal healer.  There is peace there in her eyes.  It was her eyes I was always drawn to.  Now I know why.

The picture I captured today just struck me.  Here it is, the shepherdess is looking at this blue bird that just visited me and let me hold it, sing to it and invite it into my home.  I see the bird and I see the eyes of the shepardess….and somehow I see the final awakening of me.  It is as if the bird and the woman are looking at each other.  And, how could that even happen, INSIDE MY HOUSE?  Why did it take this brilliantly colored indigo and green bird to have me look closer; at the painting and myself and finally make the ultimate connection that has spanned 28 years of my life?  An omen?


Most farmers know that when animals act in a different way, it’s time to pay attention.  This was a day I was very clearly told — pay attention.  I did research on spiritual symbolism of birds, blue birds, catching a bird and holding it in your hand — all searching for the ‘why today…why this’.

I believe this bird is the Indigo Blue Bunting.  The indigo blue bunting symbolizes goodness, truth and love with spiritual origins.    Bird symbolism assists in matters of higher knowledge and are symbols for strength, freedom and unity with fellow creatures.

“Throughout history, birds have been a source of inspiration in helping humans to understand the physical and spiritual implications of living life on earth,” writes Wansbury in Birds: Divine Messengers. “Birds symbolize the spiritual nature of man by reflecting, among other things, our spiritual aspirations, our intuitive abilities, and our ability to rise above our fears and limitations; in the process, they teach us Divine principles.”

Morrison writes in The Healing Wisdom of Birds: “Only the bird can fly above and beyond the earthly realm, thus reaching other planes of existence with effortless grace and purpose. Birds are representatives of spiritual attainment…”.

Additionally, why an ‘indigo’ bird?  The color indigo is the color of intuition and perception and is helpful in opening the third eye. It promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It is a color which relates to the “New Age” – the ability to use the Higher Mind to see beyond the normal senses with great powers of perception. It relies on intuition rather than gut feeling. Indigo conveys trust, truthfulness, and stability.

So, what a blessed day.  This has never happened before — not this way.  But indeed, nature and wildlife I have always connected with in a very special way.

May God keep you and touch your life today.

God Bless! L. Davis

2 thoughts on “An Omen – Today At Our Farm

  1. How meaningful and heartfelt! In the swirling world of time and events it all fell into place for truly sacred awareness! Thank you for sharing this.


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