Death Wish (Poem)

You met us there, dying

Dying before we ever knew you’d be gone.

The eyes,

They told as much.

Tears fall.

Hearts break.

When our children die.

Your eyes.

They were strained.

I remember that most.


The long onset of deep emotional dispair.

Mental illness.

The gut wrenching agony

Of the tormented mind.

Your father still misses you so.

In the night he often lies awake,

Damp face from wet tears.

I remember you wave goodbye

At the airport.

That big beautiful smile

And that, “I’ll be seeing you real soon!”

The doctor.

He gave you the wrong medications.

I gave you the wrong cold.

Your medicines crossed

As our colds crossed.

Crashing down.

Killing you.

I hate doctors now.

They killed one and nearly killed another.

Wrong dosage.


Who gives an 80 pound little girl

Oxycodone and Vicadin?

A dosage DOUBLE the size for a full grown adult!

Oops, the pharmacy said.

She survived.

He didn’t.

You met us there, dying.

All before we knew you’d be gone.

Colds crashing towards doctors.

Prescriptions killing our youth.

She survived.

He didn’t.

Both our children.

Wet tears late at night.

All smiles in the morning.

Deep aching pain

Hidden like the pain killers who prescribe.

Death wish.

I hate doctors.

You are gone.


~ L. Davis, thepoetfarmer

A tribute to our son who died from a doctors prescription wrongly prescribed.

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