Humanity Speaking, Or Are They Just Words (Poem)

I write poetry.
I don’t know why.
It is how I see the world; through feeling it.
Poetry captures the feeling of space/time.
It’s strange really.
In a world that spins so fast, words spin off the plate.
Words aren’t even used anymore, really.
Just clipped, like wings of a bird, now flightless.
I find this sad.
Short, so short, that we’ve clipped off meaning and intent.
I studied speech theory in college.
Communication was my profession my whole career.
The definition of communication is ‘getting the outcome you want.’
Do humans truly effectively communicate when clipped words teeter toward consonants?
No vowels.
Too much effort.
She told me this standing in the bathroom one morning.
Did you know vowels are to words, like a medley of varied color in shaded hue, is to a painting?
Did you know when humans first started to speak, there were no use of vowels.
Primal language was the hard edged phonetics of Ks and Ds and Gs and on and on.
The oldest languages on this planet are mostly consonants.
As tribes moved into larger groups, and they stopped to rest via the invention of irrigation, we formed societies.
We shifted from hunter/gatherer to agriarian.
And with this shift, we built civilizations that stayed in one place.
Thus the word ‘civilized’; where the boundless books of knowledge could consolidate and expand.
Humanity has been on that knowledge curve ever since.
I call this the great arc of the pendulum, slowing swinging forward and pushing on.
As our ancient societies advanced in intellect and knowing, vowels were introduced to language to more effectively ‘express’,  by enabling more words.
Indeed, vowels are synonymus with complex thought.
Yet today, we’re now undbundling words.
Shortening them in a race against some clock.
Short, quick, sweet one might say.
Or is it convenient since no one is any longer listening?
Is it less intrusive as possibly no one any longer cares?
LOL, BFD, THNX, FU. That is a complete sentence.
LOL but BFD so THNKS and FU.
In 2016, we speak in discarded soliloquy, truly speaking only unto ourselves.
Broken and tattered, advanced thought is left shredded on the dance floor of life.
Outdated like those shiny disco balls you see hanging in old greek restaurants that remind us old timers that we used to dance and break plates here, long long ago.
I have posited for a time, the great pendulum.
This is where humanity returns once again to its beginning.
Think for a moment: tattooes, nose rings, ear lobe stretching, gutteral language, mostly pictures and laden with music.
Think even further: mobile, transient, backpack, the digital home is where I am. Moment by moment.
We  indeed are once again at where we began – tribal/nomadic wanderers like the pre-historic lineage of our past.
Fascinating in it’s own right.
We are seeing the dis-assembly of societal norms.
At a huge scale.
At the biggest scale.
At the core of our beings.
Taking us back, back, back…..
To where we began.
Language, it is a teacher.
It is a window into culture.
Revealing to those who truly listen, the great pendulum of humanity.
I write poetry.
I use words like paint on a canvas.
While the paint may be old and the canvas may not be lovely,
It is my way.
It defines me and my ‘to be’.
There may be a place for it again.
When space/time slows enough for humans and vowels to reclaim their place.
The written word, emotive, awash in detail and observation.
~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

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