The Beauty – Silent Killer Watching (poem)

Poetry of life on the farm by #thepoetfarmer

THE BEAUTY – Silent Killer Watching

Silently you stand, majestic and intoxicating.

Your regal nature, deep purple and eye catching.

Without a word, more like whispers, you beckon.

Drawing attention, begging the touch, to caress you.

Deeply you exhale, watching their eyes dance.

Your intoxication you yourself can not deny.

Your beauty rages elegant, so enticing;

Enhancing the tapestry of that which you join.

Haha, you chuckle deeply as you charm them.

As haughty is your nature, and killing is your way.

You take no prisoners, there is no purpose.

Simply killing is your calling, your intent.

Perplexed we stand….at a distance,

As we too, understand your naughty way.

We will eradicate you we promise.

But you look back at us, “No, it is I who will eradicate you.”

As one looks back at the other, the beauty.

Silent killer watching, we pause.

The terrorists, you align with,

You give them power.

Your serum enables them to seek their end.

See it’s them that are like you,

Silent killers, always watching.

Alas, we determine our approach.

We attack you with bucket and a hope.

Digging deep we extract you,

Tearing at your core.

Unearthing you until there is no more.

Quickly your remains are buried,

Deep in the earth to silence you forever more.

In death we’ve surrendered to the killer,

Killing too until there’s killing no more.

~ L. Davis, #thepoetfarmer

(This poem is about us eradicating the most poinsonous plant on the planet, the Castor Bean Plant.  It can kill you with one bean.  It is used to make ricin, one of the worst bio-chemical agents used by terrrorists.  Unfortunately, people do not know how deadly this plant is as it is very beautiful.  People unintentionally put this is their landscape.  We found this plant growing after we had purchased this farm.  This poem is about our eradication of this very nasty toxin on our farm.  We encourage anyone who has this plant on their property to remove it.  And, please call your local dept. of Agriculture to get advice on bio-hazard assistance to have it safely removed.)

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