Spring Has Sprung!

I truly can not believe how fast spring has arrived this year.  It’s been a great and productive winter prep getting ready for this year’s growing season.

We had another baby goat this morning, turning our kidding tally to five with one more doe due any day.  And, we had four new lambs this last month.  We have 12 new chicks and seven new ducks.  Our rabbits are due likely tomorrow as they’ve begun their nest making which is a sign that birthing is near.  After our doe and bunnies have their kids/litter, our baby birthing will be done already for spring of 2016 at HiBar Ranch, Farm and Forest.

It’s truly amazing how fast the season flies; going from expectant births to babies running, hopping and frolicking all over the farm.  What a joy early spring is.

On top of that, the orchard is bursting into bloom.  We toured the orchards today and the apples, pears, grapes, cherries, nectarine, apricot, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are all budding out, in flower or already getting their leaves on.  The strawberry leaves are up along with the rhubarb and the asparagus spears, which are now bursting through the earth with their whimsical featherlike greens so apparent against both soil and compost.

The daffodils have bloomed, the azaleas are blazing with a pallette of vibrant colors and the wysteria and dogwoods are brightening up the skyline with color, aroma and texture.

The lawn is now green with it’s second cutting now under our belt and the fresh smell of cut grass permeates the air as we sit on our covered porch and look out at the wonder of our farm.

The chickens are happily laying their eggs while the chicks and ducklings co-mingle in the chicken coop newly ornamented with an outdoor wading pool for the ducks.

Adjacent to the chicken coop, the garden is tilled and awaiting April’s first round of seed planting while the fall planted garlic is now big as it dominates the garden with no companions to compete with for attention.

The roses are just beginning to bloom, the forsythia just finished, and the irises are green shooted and ready to burst forth in the coming weeks with their own color.

Indoors the seed starts have turned into distinguished figures on their own; the tomatoes quite tall and strong, the sweet potatoes overdue for separation, the tobacco up, the parsley, thyme, marjoram, dill, cabbage, broccoli, rice, lettuce, arugula, sage, etc. are all up and ready to meet the sun.  The grape cuttings all have green leaves as if saluting with little waving hands saying hi.  It’s really wonderful to see God’s great designs in action both outdoors and indoors at our farm.

It’s truly a blessing, this time of year, when you can stop and pause and already see the hard work paying off with new additions born to the farm and seeds started that will load your garden with delight for many months to come.

Today was a special day as we toured the farm and took in the glorious warmth of spring and the awakening that has truly happened at HiBar Ranch!

God Bless! L. Davis

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