Interesting New Garden & Farm Additions This Year

At HiBar Ranch, Farm and Forest we like to experiment with new seeds for our garden and also new livestock that fits our growing profile.  Our growing profile is this:  we grow/raise small / diversified animals and food that can be grown in quantities for a small homestead.  Our goals are to develop the skills and resources to share with others that enable self sufficiency and independence from large scale/chemically laden food systems.  Parents with kids with severe allergies understand this quest.  Folks tired of the ‘lesser than optimal health’ feelings that accompany poor food systems, also understand this journey into holistic vibrate sustainable agriculture at a micro-scale.

So, what’s new at the farm for 2016?

This season we are experimenting with numerous new species in the garden: tobacco, cotton, rice, and various wheat varieties we started last year along with red clover.  Our kids smoke cigarettes and doing research reveals MASSIVE pesticides, addictive additives and 90% GMO base tobacco stock.  YUCK…is all I can say.  So, until they quit, we want to offer cleaner options.  So, tobacco it is.  As a spinner who already spins aplaca fiber and wool, cotton makes for an exciting addition to the spinning family. With a home grinding mill, experimenting with different grains is also an exciting adventure at our farm.

We’ve also added numerous new species in our orchards: fig, goose berry, goji berry (wolf berry), hazelnut and kiwi.  So, those are additive to our existing peach, pear, apple, cherry, apricot, nectarine, plum, black berry, marion berry, raspberry, black raspberry, cranberry, strawberries, walnuts and hickory nuts, we already have on the farm.

In the livestock category we have just expanded to incorporate ducks – both meat and egg varieties (we have three new breeds this spring).  So, we now have bees, horses, alpaca, sheep, goats, meat rabbits, chickens, ducks, composting worms and livestock guardian dogs.

Life is always an adventure on the farm, with new babies and new experiments going on.  We are so blessed to have such amazing opportunities to live this way of life and have such fertile land to grow such a bounty of amazing things.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress as the spring extends into summer.

God Bless!  Happy Easter! L. Davis


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