Dreams ~ The Journey To Knowing (poem)

Poetry of life on the farm by #thepoetfarmer


Dreams, they are whispy and they flitter.

Twinkling with pixy dust and bluster.

I am ten, I dig in…deep down in my blanket I nestle.

I want the dream to continue.

Dreams, they stretch and they tear.

Gut wrenching agony, a tumulteous confusion.

I am fifteen, I am lost….in a world full of cracks and voids.

Dreams, they provoke me, peaking an interest, beckoning me forward.

I am twenty, I am the young seeker, freed by the unshackling of ‘constructs’ and ‘rules’.

Dreams, they begin to take on a trusted form, a silent partner, my best friend.

They show me, teach me, guide me and alert me.

I am twenty five, finally finding my own ‘knowing’ and trusting this space when I drift.

Dreams, they pull me up.  They awaken me. They push me.

I am almost 50 now.

These dreams, they’re twinkly pixy dust, blushing over the cracks and voids, unshackling me always as I am guided forward freely, awakened, ignited….

Full circle. I’ve arrived at where I began.

The Journey.

It all bakes down to just one word.

To dream.  To be the dreamer.  To live out my dreams.

L. Davis, The Poet Farmer






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