Nightfall In The Smokies ~ (Poem)

Poetry of life on the farm by #thepoetfarmer

(a poem I wrote this eve watching the sunset and moon rise here at the farm.  As Spring teases us all, restlessness sets in.  This poem captures that feeling of a farmer (me).


Etched deep in darkness,
The skyline bursts forth.
The clouds slowly drifting,
Wind’s blowing them North.
Silent, the moon travels,
Now kissing the line.
Where mountain meets skyline,
The moonlight, divine.
I am enraptured in these moments,
When space suspends time.
These moments when I’m drifting,
Reflecting on the sublime.
Majestic and poetic,
The clouds seem to say,
“Take a breath for a moment,
And reflect on your day.”
The cloud’s billowy nature
They force me to rest,
As if living a patient life,
Is my greatest test.
I wrestle with patience,
When time slips on by.
But when this space fills my consciousness,
“I’ll rest,” I tell myself, “I’ll try.”
Briefly for moments
As the sun starts to set,
I see orange in the skyline,
A perfect silhouette.
The oranges and the pinks,
They rage and they roar.
They cast color and patterns,
Deep in my core.
Can I be soft and peaceful
Like those clouds up on high?
As I watch the moon take over,
This lovely night sky.
“It’s time to pack it in,
For nighttime is here,”
I hear the moon whisper,
It whispers in my ear.
“You humans, you’re restless,
You struggle with rate.
Slow down and be patient,
Find your tranquil state.”
I look at the moon,
And he too looks back.
I say “thank you,” though briefly,
And go hit the sack.
~ L. Davis, The Poet Farmer

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