Spring is Almost Here !

On our farm Spring is truly in the air and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Even with cold temperatures at night, it was 52 degrees and sunny today.  This of course enabled us to spend an entire day outdoors working on preparing the farm for spring.

I don’t know about you, but today It was visibly noticable that the grass is growing.  It’s green, it’s up about three inches and all our farm animals are loving it.

The horses are eating, running, bucking, kicking, eating…and then rinse and repeat.  Of course, they are getting their thrills off the green grass.  The baby lambs are outside and exploring ever further into the fringes of the pastures and valleys.  They explore then bolt back in a pack of four, to their mamas.  It’s like they’re are too curious then suddenly remember they need mom.  It’s really about the cutest thing ever.  The goats are ready to deliver any moment.  Udders are full, they lounge around indoors as if to say, “no, not outside today.”  It really reminds me of when I was in my final weeks of pregnancy and the thought of even walking made my head spin.  Yes, that is where my does are at.  The baby bunnies are growing, but truly they are cute as can be.  The baby chicks and ducklings are under a heat lamp in the kitchen.  And, well……the farm just has that vibrant ‘vibe’ of spring.

Even when we go indoors, apart from the chicks churping, we still see Spring on every window sill.  The sweet potatoes all perched above my kitchen sink have sunk deep roots in water and have tall green shoots/leaves shooting out from their tops.  The celery, lettuce and carrots too are all shooting up greens as they sit submerged in water.  My grape cuttings, all 50 of them, are conveniently tucked away on top of the fridge, starting their rooting process.  As well, my seeds are shooting up greens, in my mini green house, also perched on top of my fridge where the heat can start the rooting process.  My seeds are spread throughout the kitchen and my seed catalogues are out but now ready to go back into their drawers as all seeds have arrived for 2016.  Yes, indeed — this is the life of the homestead when Springs bursts forth. There’s truly not a moment where the shift in season doesn’t resonate.  Our farm and farm animals alike can feel that shift as we all get outside and feel the quiet vibrance that is building, day on day.  It’s truly a blessing to be a farmer/homesteader and it is also a blessing to feel these emerging spurts and bursts of Spring.  It is a great reminder that while there is darkness, cold and dormancy there is also new life, new beginnings and  bright spots, like sunshine.  It fills the heart and lifts the spirit.

So, in my mind Spring is here.  And I hope you too enjoy these  special early bursts of Spring and may they fill your heart with joy and your days with fun activities.

God Bless! L. Davis


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