Silently Watching Her Awaken (poem)



Silently, amidst the chill she stretches,

pushing up when everyone’s alseep.

Slowly she climbs from her slumber,

With invisible effort she’s digging in deep.

Even now, as I type this prose,

Her big sky eyes, sun bleached hair, and earthen body,

all awaken, as we all look away.

Her mother’s womb, her belly, it’s stretching.

A new dawn, for her another day.

She whispers goodbye to winter,

I am stumped, what is that which I’ve heard?

It is then that I hear her melody,

T’was a sound for which there’s no word.

To my ear she then softly sings.

This song-bird beauty she is lovely,

She is ‘Spring’.

“Awaken little ones,” she whispers,

“For it is now that the time has come;

For my work to reveal while you rested,

Enjoy my blessings until Fall is done.”

A Tribute To Mother Nature & The Arrival Of Spring

~ L. Davis, The Poet Farmer







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