Waking To Snow & Baby Lamb Photo Update

(FARM BLOG) Morning Blessings as always from HiBar Ranch ~

This morning we awoke here at the farm to snowfall and blue skies. It’s snowing again now as I type this, but for sure this morning was truly lovely.  Today, I am really doing a photo essay, as pictures truly catch the wonderment of farm life when babies are born.  Here’s the cute blessings we enjoyed during our farm chores.



Our Chicken Flock Basking In The Morning Sun / Snow


Our Twin Lambs – Two Girls, Star And Onyx (Four Days Old)


“Hi, I’m Onyx!”


“Hi, I am Star, Onyx’s twin sister! I am four days old!”


“Yeh, they’re cute….but I am Lightening…the only ram (boy) around!”


“Yes, Lightening is the only boy.  I am his twin sister Snowflake.  We are both two weeks old and Onyx and Star are our half sisters.  They are just four days old.”


Four Day Old Twin Girls Star And Onyx


Our Three White Ewes (ages 2, 2weeks and six days)

Above is four day old Onyx (girl) and two week old Lightening (boy)

It doesn’t get any cuter than baby time at the farm.  Spring is always such a treat for us at HiBar, be it baby lambs or baby kids (goats), bunnies, chicks, turkey pullets and hopefully in 2016 a crea (baby alpaca).

In a world often dark and depressing there is life and light all around when one looks for it.  We hope the babies cheered you up this morning and reminds folks that the coming of Spring is a time of ‘green shoots’.  It is a time to tear up the old, plant the new … and soon roots will take hold, nurishment will come and green shoots will sprout upward.  Our spirits all need that….and Spring at our farm, has arrived.


Green Shoots And A Burst Of Yellow This Morning At The Farm

God Bless!  L. Davis

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