A Storm(y) ‘Jonas’ Kinda Morn On The Farm (poem)

The Gift Of God In A Snowflake ~

Softly they fall, white crystals,

all unique in their own design.

Briefly they flutter and drift,

elegant medley in time refined.

Picturesque, they cut through my consciousness,

stirring me, I’m finally awake.

I am transfixed by this bit of perfection,

all packed in this little snowflake.

~ L. Davis

A Tribute to Storm Jonas


We always love snowfall at the farm.  And, this morning we wake to the beauty of Jonas visiting our farm and leaving it’s mark on our land.  Jonas in Hebrew means ‘dove’.  ‘Jonas’ originates from the Greeks word οιωνός, (pronounced: e-oh-nos) which means “sign”.   In ancient Greece they believed that birds were sent by gods as a sign to people. From this it is assumed that the name Jonas means a peaceful being. As a variation of Jonah, it can also mean a ‘gift from God’.

With all that being said, Jonas, the peaceful dove (gift from God), visited our farm last night.  On into this morning, the snow falls gently as the mountains are painted in soft blues.

Storms, like life, make us pause.  When we stop to observe, life becomes much more….real.


The Beauty of Snow Sculpting Contours Of Our Trees

We like storms at the farm.  Our animals hunker down.  We hunker down.  And, we seem to walk around more and take pictures, both with our cameras and with our minds’ eye.  It’s interesting really why that is.

With our baby lambs and bunnies only days old, all curled up in their little warm stalls with their mamas, and, with all the boys looking on in curiousity — farm life continues on, in spite of it all.

This morning we think we’ll slow down and stop; maybe just sit by the fire, sipping our coffee and watch the snow fall peacefully over these blue blue mountains for a while longer.


Snow Forest

Have a safe and glorious day.  God Bless!

L. Davis



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