Morning Chores & Ewe Lambing Update

Nothing can compare to that special time in the morning when we do chores on the farm.  The crisp cool mornings this time of year truly make the job a spectacular experience.

I mean honestly, is this a tough view to ride your UTV to to feed your am-fam?  (That’s our family word for the animal family.)  Wild mountains loaded with bear and rumors of big cats all enchant, while we bustle down toward the barn with our Great Pyrenees trotting the perimeter sniffing the wildlife as we go.


Spectacular Views

I check on the ewes, both pregnant. And indeed, Mary’s udder is completely full and she is therefore ready to give birth any hour.  This is an example of HOW BIG the udder can get before a ewe lambs.

I share this picture as new homesteaders who’ve raised goats would expect a much smaller udder for their sheep before they lamb, as goats, when kidding, have about a half that size udder.  Our other ewe has a much smaller udder before she lambs, but this is for sure a large one.  We are guessing she’ll have twins or triplets.  We’ll keep you posted.


Mary’s Udder The Day Before She Delivers

Needless to say, our most loving and docile ram, Whiggy, the head of the herd, is actively on guard and watching the scene of his ‘girls’ preparing for imminent delivery.  This is Whiggy, our grand sire Navajo Churro ram.  Gorgeous, is all we can say.


Whiggy On Watch

With the lambs yet to be born, we head down to the horses to feed and we just have to say, today, like so many mornings, was such a spectacular morning.  The beauty of the mountains, the serenity that both a farm and mountains placed in combination provide, really stops us at times to take a breath.  A deep breath.  it’s times like these when we really thank the Lord for his wonderful hand in our lives and the blessings we’ve been granted running a farm and living close to the land.

gorgeousmorninghorsesWhen you can connect with your family, your animals, your land and also the greater natural region you are part of in a sustainable way, it’s truly a rewarding and deeply touching experience.  Every day is like that on our farm.  So, special….so, majestic…, simple and purposeful.


Enjoy your day and take time to hug a farmer!

God Bless ~ L. Davis


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