Davis Country Christmas 2015

We spent a wonderful Christmas and New Years with our kids (all out of the house now) and grandkids (age 4 and 1) here at the ranch/farm this holiday season.  They all came from various metro areas around the US to visit the farm for the holidays. There is nothing more wonderful than cutting down your own authentic Christmas tree, dipping your own tree fallen-fall -collected acorns from your own trees in glue and bedazzling them with silver, and arranging it all surrounded by antlers from a real deer …. and serving that all up as holiday ‘decor’ for the kids.  Yes indeed, Davis Country Christmas at our farm this year was a true delight as we were able to celebrate the glorious holiday season in festive rustic ways that all our kids enjoyed.

Is there really a better joy than seeing your grandkids completely enthralled in farm life?  I don’t think so.



This is our little grandson spending time visitng the chickens in their chicken coop for the first time.  We mutually agreed that the chicken coop will forever more be named “Dylan’s Chicken House.”  He mastered the ‘cock–a–doodle–do!’ in no time, and got the ‘cluck-cluck-cluck’ of the hens laying their eggs as well.  It was such a treat to see his enthusiasm.dylanchickens2

Alas, like all things on the farm, while there is great enjoyment in hanging with the ‘critters’, there is also work to do.  And, Dylan collected his first set of eggs masterfully.


He was very proud of his collection of eggs for the morning breakfast.  A young farmer for sure.

Children, when working side by side with their parents/grandparents, learn so much about life on the farm.  That is how kids learned in the old days, before dads and moms headed off to corporate offices and esoteric jobs became unfathomable to the kids left behind.  This Christmas was a great ‘three generation’ moment with grandpa, dad and grandson all chilling at the barn working with hay and equipment to get the job done.  Grandpa is heading upstairs in this picture to receive the hay, dad is below ready to load the hay on the hay elevator, and grandson is in the dirt playing with his tractor, preparing for the day when he’ll handle the equipment. :-))  Well, will our grandson drive tractors?  Who knows….but at least he’ll get to on our farm.  And, he’ll know where his food comes from too.  That is very important to us.


And, grandparents can never get the grandbabies in the barn too young.  In fact, this is our granddaughter’s first tour of a big ol’ barn with tons of critters: goats, sheep, horses, alpacas, rabbits, livestock gaurdian dogs and barn cats for mice removal.  This is our little grand daughter getting a tour with our daughter-in-law of the bucklings who were completely enamored with the little ball of joy.


Besides all the ‘moonshine’ we enjoyed as the kids all loved the mountain drinks, we all loved the ‘shine on’ we shared sitting by the firepit watching embers burn, telling funny stories, reflecting on the past of our loved ones who’ve passed, and celebrating our love as a merged family with many different stories and journeys, that all converged for a time, in these here rural mountains.

Life is so short, and we all shared how special it is to create memories and take the time to be together and celebrate each other’s goodness and the special things that make us all family.  Some more newly admitted into the family, but family none the less.

God Bless ~ L. Davis



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