Christmas Time ~ Ornament Ideas


At our ranch we CREATE: almost all the time.  Here are two ideas I’ve been playing with over the last week to prepare for the holidays.  The first is how to use empty shell casings.  The second, is horse shoes.  Here we go….




  1.  Gun Shell Ornament.  Our daughter shot her first deer last fall and I shot my first deer this fall.  I therefore, in memory of these milestones, got an ornament you can stuff with what you want and added pinecones from the forest we hunted along with pine needles.  I also inserted words that say “love, merry Christmas, and peace.”  On the outside, I glued a string of pearls to each bullet casing, glued around the top, a red and white rope for Christmas color, then wrapped it with a bow and more pinecones.  On the back I also hung the words via tiny block beads with letters, the following, “Chloe, Deer, Lori” to symbolize the accomplishment.  I have pictures above of both sides of the ornament.  It is lovely!
  2. The second decoration is a custom homemade wreath.  I made the wreath itself from branches of one of our bushes that has deep red stems in winter.  I then used my daughter’s horse’s shoes and wrapped them and attached them with a grass type material to attach it to the wreath.  I glued on red berries, pinecones and pine bows to each horseshoe.  At the top section, I used my daughter’s western show belt she used when she was little with all it’s beautiful sparkles, to hold another horseshoe.  Then last, for the hook at the top, I used an antique horse bit we found in our old 1850’s barn buried deep in the dirt.

Merry Christmas all.  we enjoy creating here at the ranch and hope you like some of these ideas for your own holiday preparations.

God Bless !

~ Lori Davis

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