Harvest Table



There is always something special about setting ‘the table’ in the dining room where family congregates.  This part of fall always sets the stage for autumn in our home.  This is our favorite time of the year and the decorations state as much.  Fresh flowers, candles scented in pumpkin, apple and cinnamon along with pumpkins, pine cones and autumn leaves, all fill the table with color and meaning.  Farm fresh, dressing a noble chicken, is what our farm is all about.  Everything on our farm is farm fresh and we love it most when family is around this table talking, sharing and eating the bountiful harvest this year has delivered.

We wish all of you a wonderful harvest season, filled with great joy and appreciation for all the blessings that farm life brings.  This season is a time when we thank the Lord for our family and our farm, the new farm critters born this year, all the bounty now stuffed in our pantry and cellar, and another year alive to enjoy God’s great work.

Happy harvest from all of us to you.

God Bless!


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