A Special Treat For the Chickens


It’s great to live amidst farms.  Here in the mountain foothills nestle tons of farms intermixed with upscale homes more akin to surburban developments.  Both styles compliment each other as the inner-mixing of lifestyles and homestyles represent the thinking of the folks that populate these mountains.  Around these parts everyone blends together well with smiles and friendly natures be they a farm or a business person, a retiree or a student just off the bus from school.  All of these faces you can find walking along these quiet rural roads just off the beaten path where no yellow paint exists to separate the road you’re on.  Just big round hay bales, bellowing cows or a nice picketted yard mowed low and perfect like the upscale golf course in town, mark the place in these hills where you’ve travelled, providing reference of how far you’ve gone.  It’s a place however that is still not off that path so far you can’t get to the jobs and the paycheck.  Here there is a nice balance and with that balance is an appreciation of farms, food, family, fun and friendly neighbors.


Beautiful Fields Grace Our Farm Views

As one such example, our wonderful neighbors next door provided us with not just fresh new pears for my canning/pear sauce making this morning, but an entirely extra set of bags of older pears for the chickens, as well.  This was a great treat for us as the racoons stripped our pear tree, peach tree and apple trees this year before we could get to them.  In a warm extension of our own appreciation for the pears, we offered an exchange of organic eggs starting this fall when our chickens start laying, as our own way of saying thanks neighbor.  Old fashioned neighborly sharing and interacting is such a pleasant aspect to our lives here.


Wonderful fresh pears from our neighbors.

We are now the new ‘compost bin’ of old fruits and vegetables for our neighbors as the chickens delight in the produce where humans may pass.  And, like all things good – the cycle once again turns full circle – and generousity begets generousity which in turn begets generousity.  We get pears for sauce and canning, the chickens treats, and in turn the neighbors get fresh eggs.  Full circle things are really a special part of farm life and neighborly ways. It’s nice to be in that ‘circle of life’.  We are truly blessed.


Chickens enjoying their pears from the neighbors.

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