Our Great Pyrenees Puppy Training Day One



Maggie’s first day training.

Maggie, our Great Pyrenees has been training ‘watching’ our chicken flock thus far due to their size and hers.  Maggie is now 17 weeks old and has been too little to ‘engage’ with the larger animals.  This photo is taken this morning as Maggie is introduced into the pasture to bond with the sheep herd.  The herd includes two rams and two ewes.  It is quite amazing to witness the natural genetics kick in so quickly with both the sheep and the dog.  The sheep are very comfortable and curious with her and she is equally comfortable with them.  Unlike most dogs that would chase the sheep or any livestock for that matter, Maggie lovingly watches them then moves around the perimeter and then sits or lays down watching them some more.  She gets closer to them and they get closer to her, all building trust.  We are very proud of our little girl today.  She did great.

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