Summer Chores / Fall Prep

Three Generations

Hay’n Time


Summer at the farm is a rapid flurry of everything, all rolled up into frenzy.

It’s terribly stressful and thrilling, all at the same time; sort of like cotton candy at the fair.

Hay, hay, hay … 7 tons, loaded into that barn.  Sore arms and backs reward us for the feedstock now available until this time next year.

Fencing fixed up, pastures maintained, gardens seeded, growing, and now time for harvest; the harvest of fall being an entirely different kind of cotton candy swirl of chaos.

Oh, to live the life of a farmer.  Deeply rewarding and as profound as the autumn red maple leaf that drifts slowly on the wind toward somewhere.

True many don’t notice.  Left completely unaware due to their own cotton candy swirl of chaos – of an entirely different ‘noise’/kind.  But, indeed – when I am still, completely still, and stop my life to watch, on a farm life is as timely and fluid, profound in color, intensity and velocity — as that bright autumn red maple, blowing gracefully like a ballet dancer on the wind.  With the back stop of color, deep blues and purples from mountains boldly stanced again magestic blue skies.  The contrast of red on lavenders, purples and blues is as telling as my life: in business suits now switched over to knee high rubber boots dowsed in manure and hoarding hay in corners and cracks.

Who can even begin to understand the profoundness of a farm, unless you change out your shoes and get your boots on. We encourage folks to just … start walking … as far away from car sounds and cement  as possible, to the nearest manure stand full of cows, chickens and farm sounds you can find.  Then just be still and watch.  Watch what this simple activity does for your child.  Their eyes widen, their excitement grows, the energy builds while time slows…..and you enter a new ‘frame’ of relating to the world around you.  And you too, then see the red maple leaf drifting ever slowly down from it’s bird’s eye view, landing right next to the tiny little rubber booted foot of your four year old.  When she picks it up and says, “look daddy, how pretty!!” …. you know you’ve truly arrived to personally witness the profoundness of a farm.

Summer chores, fall prep.  An awakening, all the while.  Enjoy!!

~ Lori Davis

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