Living a Simple Rural Life (poem)



We love our simple, rural, tied-to-the-land way of life.

It’s a life where nature pairs well with the farmer.

Rural living, rustic elegance, the common man…all applying common sense to real problems.

Where seasons, not schedules, shape work style.

Where weather, not email, calls attention.

Where baby goats and lambs fill hearts and spirits, not pay checks.

And, where the efforts put in, build true productivity – for animals, family and community.  Not for some global stock ticker upclick whipped on by bosses, the ones only known through internet email and corporate dictate sent down in written form.  All so removed from the ‘essence’ of any of us.

Rural America, outside the purview of the ‘urban/corporate/consumer driven mindset’, where Ivory tower vicissitudes haven’t yet reached. Unlike the urban neighbors who have fallen victim to the mindset which is incessantly ravaging the traditional American way of life and altering the course of our history.

Truth prevails in the end like seasons steadily moving on.  That truth, causes us to arrive where we began.

Returning us once again, to the simple life.  Nature paired well with the farmer.

Trends swing like pendulums.  And so too is the urban/rural trend, swinging like a porch swing whipped on by the subtle breezes of autumn.

They say, as we teeter on toward 2016, that digital is the future.  Statistics show the opposite however.

Buried silently in loud numbers are the truth.

Folks are moving out of cities, not in.

Small regional and local tv shows are thriving, and so too are local newspapers.  At least investment dollars are moving here — the early indicator of big shifts.

More and more are moving to local banks, where they know their bank manager and can actually access their funds without a ‘digital’ transmission.  All while community supported everything (agriculture, tool sharing, car sharing, time sharing) is vogue once again.

Looking even closer one notices when walking into toy stores that wooden trains, marbles, wooden tops, jacks, and many of the ‘old’ toys are top sellers.  For bigger boys and girls, small rural farm purchases and old 1940’s ford trucks are all the rage.

Pendulum swings, like my old porch swing, creaks with a story….the story of time, truth and testimony.

It’s a story about man, tied to the land and a way of life, where nature pairs well with the farmer.

~ Lori Davis, The Poet Farmer



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